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NFL Countdown

Why Roger Goodell Is a Good Commisioner

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Why Roger Goodell Is a Good Commisioner

Alright, so I'm going to try to explain why, for the most part, Roger Goodell is a pretty damn good NFL Commissioner. I'm going to go over some of the rule changes that have happened under Roger Goodell and the more recent "Bounty Gate" with the New Orleans Saints.


Roger Goodell took over as NFL Commissioner on September 1st, 2006 after Paul Tagliabue retired. So most of, if not, everything I say about Goodell will be based on things that have happened since the 2006 season.

Before I begin, I've just got to remind you guys. The NFL is a business, which is something people tend to forget. Football may be a sport, but the NFL is a business. You're no longer playing for fun, you are playing for a contract.

Rule Changes:
Here are some of the main rule changes that have happened since Roger Goodell took over and why they are actually good for the game.

Rule Change: End Zone Celebrations become more restricted.- Bad
Reason: I understand the reasoning, football is a team game and no one player should act a fool. But come on, touchdown celebrations were awesome. Bring em back!

Rule Change: Defenders are prohibited from hitting a passer in the knee, unless they are blocked into him.- Good
Reason: The NFL has become a Quarterback league. For 90% of the teams, in order to win, you need a top 15 QB and if your QB gets hit in the knee and tears a ligament, then you're chances of being successful go out the window. To keep interest in the consumers (fans) you've got to keep your star players ON the field.

Rule Change: Defenders cannot line up directly across the long snapper during field goals and extra points. - Good.
Reason: Long snappers are never looking at the guy in front of them when they snap the ball. They always have to look at the holder, so basically their getting the shit knocked out of them without really having a chance to defend themselves. This is to provide safety to the longsnappers.

Rule Change: Instant Replay becomes a permanent officiating tool. -Good and Bad
Reason: Instant Replay is good because it gives teams the chance to try to overturn a play that the officials missed, did the WR get 2 feet in bounds? Was the knee down before or after he fumbled? It helps to get the calls right that may have been ruled incorrectly. For the most part it helps correct human errors. BUT on the other hand it has it's faults. Sometimes the officials still get the call incorrect. The fact that you only get 2 challenges a game is still up for debate (If you get both challenges correct, you are rewarded a third challenge, but if you get the 3rd challenge correct you can no longer challenge a play.) There has also been tons of controversy in the past several years. For example, the infamous "Megatron catch" and what actually constitutes as a catch and what doesn't. Replay is needed in a fast paced sport like this, but it can still be improved upon.

Rule Change: Players cannot spike the ball after a play. -Good
Reason: You may wonder why I think that this is a good rule change, but when you think about it, it becomes clear. If you spike the ball after every play, you are just wasting more time on the clock. Refs would have to run around gathering the ball and might lose their spot of the ball and incorrectly spot the ball on the wrong yard marker. It also quickens the pace of the game. Players don't want to sit around waiting for the ball to be spotted if they are in the hurry up offense. It may sound silly, but it does make sense if you think about it.

Rule Change: Completed catch, becomes 2 feet down and player must have "control of the ball". Getting rid of the "Football move".- Good and Bad.
Reason: it's good because it get's rid of "a football move" situation. But bad because what constitutes the receiver having "control of the ball." Questions still arise as to what exactly is a catch.

Rule Change: Players will be fined for not having their chin strap strapped. - Good.
Reason: Stupid, possibly. But it makes sense. Chin Straps help keep the helmet on. It's a safety rule to help better protect the players. Which I will get more into later.

Rule Change: Players must be cleared by team physicians and neurological consultants to return to football after suffering a concussion. -Good
Reason: Will go into more detail later.

Rule Change: 1. Blindside blocks cannot be delivered to a persons helmet or neck. 2. Contact to the head of a defenseless receiver. -Good
Reason: Protecting peoples head and neck. Can't argue that.

Rule Change: Defensive players on the ground cannot dive or lunge at the QB's lower legs. (The Brady Rule) -Good
Reason: As stated before, you have to protect your star players.


Rule Change: Kickoffs moved to the 35 yard line instead of 30. - -Good and Bad.
Reason: Kickoffs are one of the most exciting plays in the NFL. The move pretty much got rid of kickoffs, which is bad. BUT, injuries have gone down on the play which is good.

Why the Changes are mostly good.
Not all of the rule changes are exciting for the game of football, but they are for player safety. People are more aware of concussions now a days and we have seen what happens to former players when they have had multiple head injuries. Players have become depressed and suicidal. Over the past year several former NFL players have taken their own lives because of incidents that have happened in the NFL. Players such as John Mackey (Baltimore Colts) , Derek Boogaard (NHL), Bob Probert (NHL), recently Junior Seau (San Diego Chargers have all died because of suspected head injuries. The big one that sticks out in my mind though is Dave Duerson (Chicago Bears) who committed suicide and left a note saying he wanted his brain donated to research because of the effects of concussions on his brain.

This is just a small list of professional players that have had head injuries take their lives. Currently their are hundreds of former NFL players suing the NFL for the lack of safety from their playing days. Their are several lawsuits against the NFL for lack of player safety. Which is why their have been so many rule changes in the NFL. The rule changes that are happening now are to help prevent future lawsuits against the NFL. It's not because Roger Goodell wants to turn the NFL into Flag Football. It's a business, Roger Goodell is helping change the rules now to protect future lawsuits against the NFL. It may suck that all these rule changes are changing the way the game is played, but if you look at it from a business perspective it makes sense.

This is why the New Orleans Saints "Bounty Gate" is so important. After having the lockout in 2010 with the NFLPA putting a huge emphasis on player safety, the Bounty Gate pretty much made the NFLPA look like idiots. The NFLPA can't preach player safety and have it's players running a bounty system. This is why Goodell "laid the hammer down" on the New Orleans Saints, Greg Williams, Sean Payton and others. Goodell does not want to be linked to having a bounty system in his league, he stresses player safety every chance he gets. Making such harsh suspensions to Greg Williams, Sean Payton and Jonathan Vilma sends a message saying that bounties will not be tolerated, especially with the lawsuits against the NFL saying the players weren't as safe back in the day as they are now.

To wrap it up. Goodell may not be a fan favorite, but from a business perspective Roger Goodell is a damn good commissioner. (I could probably go on, but I got tired of typing and I doubt anyone will read this much.)

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Why Roger Goodell Is a Good Commisioner :: Comments


Post on May 3rd 2012, 7:47 pm  EPICxPENGUIN69

no, goodell sucks

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Post on May 3rd 2012, 8:01 pm  RSoxGuy

All good points.

What i would like to see is the league discuss why players now think its cool to not wear thier knee pads. Its no wonder WRs and DBacks are going down due to knee issues. Who thought this was a good or cool idea anyways?

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Post on May 3rd 2012, 8:05 pm  EPICxPENGUIN69

helmets, knee, thigh pads, wrong sized shoulder pads

players for the most part are divas. they need to look cool.

properly wear your equipment and set a good role model for younger players

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Post on May 3rd 2012, 8:48 pm  Thadden

The kickoffs at the 35 is bull-shit. The worst collisions still happen. Dont half-ass the kickoff. Move back to 30

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Post on May 4th 2012, 1:58 am  MaddMatter

Thadden wrote:The kickoffs at the 35 is bull-shit. The worst collisions still happen. Dont half-ass the kickoff. Move back to 30

But still, with all the lawsuits with the NFL, if you were Goodell wouldn't you at least do it and say "Hey, we tried helping the situation."

It's all business.

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