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NFL Countdown

Missed Opportunities: How The Detroit Lions Lost

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Missed Opportunities: How The Detroit Lions Lost

Alright, so I waited a day before posting this. But the Detroit Lions did not lose the Thanksgiving day game against the Houston Texans because of terrible officiating, it was because of missed opportunities.
(I'm doing this mostly by memory, from my seat in the stands so I may have some of this a little off)

1. The first missed opportunity in the game came on the 2nd offensive drive for the Lions. The Lions had a 3rd and 10 at their own 18. Stafford took the snap. LT Riley Reiff got beat of the edge and rushed Stafford into making his throw down the right sideline. Ryan Broyles had gotten behind the coverage and if that pass were to be complete would have gone for a Touchdown and a 14-0 lead at the time. Instead Stafford was pressured just enough to rush the throw and over throw Broyles for an incomplete pass.

2. The Houston Texans faced a 3rd and 5 in the 2nd quarter. The Texans did what they did 4 days prior and threw a quick screen pass to Andre Johnson. He picks up some blocks and gets 12 yards for a first down. The Texans go on to score the game tying TD on that drive.

3. With 1:49 before haltime and starting at their own 20 with 2 timeouts the Houston Texans were trying to get some points before halftime. After a first down, the Texans had the ball at their 31 with :25 seconds left and 1 timeout. Schaub took the snap and got pressured. Cliff Avril came around the edge and sacked Schaub causing a fumble. The Lions could have jumped on the ball and had 20 or so seconds to take a shot at the endzone or try for a FG. But Schaub recovers the fumble and they go into halftime with the Lions leading 21-14.

4. The Detroit Lions first drive of the 2nd half was a scoring drive. But what happened on the drive would make someone pull their hair out. The Lions had a 4th and 5 at the Texans 28. The Lions were lining up for a 45 yard FG. The only problem? The Lions only had 7 blockers on the field. You could see the mass confusion, as Dominic Raiola ran off the field, then ran back on the field, followed by another lineman. The confusion forced the Lions to take another early, and unnecessary timeout in the 2nd half. The Lions would make the FG, but at the cost of a timeout.

5. In the 4th quarter, Detroit took over possession of the ball with PRIME field position. Starting at their 46. After a 13 yard pass to Megatron for a 1st down. The Lions had a 1st and 10 at the Texans 41 yard line. The Lions got 5 yards on a Mikel Leshoure rush. Which put the ball at the 36. Having the ball at the 36, is no guarantee FG (53 yards). But having Jason Hanson, who holds the record for the most 50+ yard FG's is probably the best kicker you want in that situation. Hanson is a career 50/87 of FG's longer than 50 yards. Making 17 of his last 20.

The Lions on 2nd down and 5 at the 36 threw an incomplete pass. The on 3rd down, Stafford took the snap as Gosder Cherilus got beat off the snap, and Stafford got sacked for a 8 yard loss by J.J. Watt. Pushing the Lions out of FG range and forcing a punt.

6. However, that punt was downed at the Texans 15 yard line and the Lions forced a 3-out. Due to a penalty of unnecessary roughness on the Texans the Lions started their drive again with PRIME field position, right at midfield. The 50 yard line. The Lions ran the ball with Mikel Leshoure for a 14 yard gain. Again having a 1st down at the Texans 36 yard line, they looked like they could add to their lead. But a drop by Brandon Pettigrew, and overthrow to Mike Thomas and another JJ Watt sack left the Lions punting at the 43 yet again. That's TWO drives in Hansons FG range, 0 Points, 0 FG Attempts.

7. But that did not doom the Lions, oh no. The Lions punted at the 43 yard line and downed the punt at the 3 with 7:38 left. On first down the Texans tried a play action pass. Everyone was covered and Schaub was getting pressured in the Endzone, he had no choice but to throw it away. The Lions missed their chance at a safety and a 9 point lead.

8. 2 plays later the Texans face a 3rd and 8 at their own 5 yard line. The Texans again went back to their bread and butter play. They threw to Andre Johnson for a 13 yard gain. Keeping the drive alive.

9. On the same drive. The Texans faced a 4th down and 7 at the Detroit 41 yard line. The Texans decided to go for it. The game was on the line. One stop and the game would essentially be over. However, again, the Lions let Andre Johnson beat them to the tune of 16 yards and a Texans first down.

10. ON THE SAME DRIVE. The Texans faced a 3rd and 10 at the Lions 25 yard line. AND AGAIN the Lions let Andre Johnson beat them for ANOTHER 12 yards and a first down.

If your counting at home that's a first down conversion on a 3rd and 8, 4th and 7 and 3rd and 10 ALL ON THE SAME DRIVE BY THE SAME PLAYER.

Three plays later the Texans had tied the game with 1:55 left to play.

11. On the Lions final drive before Overtime. They moved the ball to the Texans 45 yard line. What happened was a drop by Brandon Pettigrew, an incomplete pass to Kevin Smith and a miss Hail Mary to Megatron. Thus the Lions had to punt with 40 seconds left.

12. The Texans took control of the ball at the Texans 2 yard line. Matt Schaub took a knee and was down at the 1/2 yard line. The Lions wisely called a timeout knowing they could not take another knee. What happened on the next play was the Lions did not line up fast enough and had Schaub QB sneak for 1/2 a yard. If the Lions were prepared on the play they could have caused a Safety.

13. The Lions took the ball in overtime looking to win the game. A 40 yard pass to Ryan Broyles had the Lions at the Texans 40. After an incomplete pass, Stafford threw to Pettigrew for an 8 yard gain. The only problem? Pettigrew had the ball ripped from his hands for his 4th fumble of the season. Again, the Lions got within the Texans 36 yard line and came away with 0 FG attempts and 0 points.

14. The Texans had a drive in overtime that started at their own 9 yard line. After a 5 yard run on 1st down. Matt Schaub took the snap and threw it right into Lions Defensive End, Kyle Vanden Bosch's hands. Only for KVB to knock the ball away instead of intercepting the ball at the 15 yard line.

15. The Lions intercepted Schaub 2 plays later thanks to Chris Houston and took over at the Texans 41 yard line. On 3rd and 11 at the Texans 42, Stafford hit TE Tony Scheffler for a 13 yard gain and a first down. 1st and 10 at the Texans 28 yard line. The Lions then proceeded to Run on first and 2nd down for a total of -1 yards. So on 3rd and 11 at the Texans 29, the Lions opted to kick the FG instead of gaining any more yards. What resulted was a FG that bounced off the right upright, resulting in a missed FG.

Just from my counting, the Lions had 15 opportunities to win this game and they pissed each and every opportunity away. The play calling went to complete shit in the 2nd half. How do you only call 2 runs on 18 plays in the 4th quarter when all you need is another 2 or 3 yards for a decent FG try? Why do you not even try to get the ball to Calvin Johnson in OT?
Watching the highlights and the missed opportunities for this game makes me sick. Forget the stupid ass officials that can't see a ball hit the Texans player on a punt, forget the fact that 7 officials can't see a RB taking a nap on the ground.

The Lions LOST this game because they can't do what they need to do to win. You CAN'T let Andre Johnson get 3 first downs on the final drive of regulation. YOU CAN'T GET CONSERVATIVE IN OT AND SETTLE FOR A 45 YARD FG! IT'S THIRD AND ELEVEN TRY TO GET SOME MORE YARDS!

This team is disgusting to watch, it's not like the Lions don't have talent, it's the fact that, I'll say 40 of the active 45 roster is underachieving this season and it's disgusting to watch.

Coaching has been absolutely horrible as well.

[19:59:55] @ HurpDurpHurray : more jags fans at the draft party than a game lol

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Missed Opportunities: How The Detroit Lions Lost :: Comments


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I told you I would make a detailed explanation of how we lost. It's just so fucking frustrating.

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