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NFL Countdown

Lions and Free Agency

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Lions and Free Agency

Alright, I said I would start using the blog more and that hasn't happened. So let's see if I can finally motivate myself to do this.

So, we're basically one week into free agency and the new league year and I've got to say, after being down on the Lions and expecting nothing to get done (because of the lack of cap space) and having no good expectations for the upcoming season. The Lions do what they always do, they give you a reason to have hope.

Heading into free agency with 23 free agents and about $4 million in cap space, you can see why I had a bad feeling. GM Martin Mayhew had said earlier in the season that he wanted to be a player in free agency. But with Matthew Stafford and the Lions not getting a new contract done to lower his cap space you really had to question what they were going to do.

Of course, we ALL heard the rumors about Reggie Bush to Detroit, and I fully expected it to happen, it was just to much of a perfect fit. I thought after Reggie Bush we wouldn't have any cap space to do anything.

But then the second day of free agency came and the Lions made several great moves and one move I will call questionable.

Detroit Lions Free Agency Breakdown:

Reggie Bush: A+ signing. Not only does Reggie Bush fit perfectly into the Lions offense he will provide strong leadership to a team that desperately needs vocal leaders. His contract is not bad at all either. 4 years $16 million with a $4 million signing bonus. What does that mean? His cap numbers are as follows:
2013: $2 Million
2014: $4.5
2015: $4.5
2016: $5
That is a pretty friendly contract. I think that by the last year of the deal, he will either be a cap casualty/retire/ or extend for another 1 or 2 years to keep the cap number down. As said before his leadership will help rebuild the locker room after the Titus Young fiasco. The other leaders on the Lions team are not vocal leaders, but are more leaders by example (Calvin, Stafford, Suh). Bush will also bring back the threat of a homerun hitter that the Lions offense will love. No more 6 man boxes and safeties playing 20 yards off the LoS.

Quick Note: Reggie Bush will replace Jahvid BEAST! The last time the Lions had Best healthy they were 5-1 (He was injured during the 49ers game on 10/16). Best had 677 all purpose yards and 3 TD's. But more importantly Calvin Johnson had 9 TD's in that same span. Expect both Reggie Bush to get a good amount of fantasy points (but beware of Leshoure stealing carries in the redzone/goaline) and expect Megatrons TD's numbers to improve again.

Louis Delmas: This is the only questionable signing I have. I love Louis Delmas, he is one of my favorite players. Does he take bad angles at times? Yes. Is he injured often? Yes. But he is a great leader on the defense when he is on the field. The only problem I have is his contract. Throughout the offseason I thought Delmas would only fetch around $3.5 million at most. But the Lions signed him to a 2 year $9.4 million contract. IF he stays healthy it will be a good deal, but I'm not holding my breath.

Jason Fox: A fourth round pick in 2009 has struggled to stay healthy. He is expected to compete for a spot on the O-line. 1 year minimum salary deal, I can't complain with.

Dylan Gandy: Another 1 year minimum salary deal. Gandy is usually the backup for Center Dominic Raiola. I fully expect the Lions to draft Raiolas replacement in the draft this season, so Gandy could have competition in camp and could probably get cut before the season starts.

Jason Hanson:
As of right now he has not signed, but he has already said money is not an issue and he will not play anywhere but Detroit. I fully expect to see #4 Old Reliable kicking FG's and solidifying himself as one of the best kickers ever. 3rd all time in scoring, if he someone manages to kick another 3 or 4 years he will have the record.

Chris Houston: Great signing. Houston loves Detroit and Houston is another one of my favorite players. Outside of the Atlanta game last year, Houston only allowed 1 TD all year while, for the first time in his career, following the #1 WR all over the field. Detroits secondary gets a lot of shit, but Houston has been a very solid #1 corner. This is the 2nd time he has been a free agent under Detroit and this is the 2nd time he went into free agency and didn't even talk to another team. He has said he considers Detroit home and I think he has a sentimental attachment to the Lions after he was thrown away for a late round draft pick from Atlanta. 5 years $25 million I can live with. His value may have dropped when Nnamdi Asomugha was released and with the fact that Revis may or may not be on the trade block.
His breakdown is here:
2013 - $1 million ($2.3 million salary cap)
2014 - $3.5 million ($4.8 million salary cap)
2015 - $4.5 million ($5.8 million salary cap)
2016 - $4.5 million ($5.8 million salary cap)
2017 - $5.0 million ($6.3 million salary cap)

Jason Jones: This is a signing I didn't see coming, but I also love it. Hometown discount and everything. 3 years $9.5 million. He has already become one of my favorite players because he went to EMU! He played under both Jim Schwartz and Jim Washburn, plus he gets to come home and play AND he can play both DE and DT. Great signing for a nice salary.

DeAndre Levy: I was a little surprised that they decided to resign Levy over Durant, I thought Durant played his best year of his career last year, but the Lions did draft Levy and I think they felt like he has more upside (although I think Levy is average, with flashes of above average play) The contract I believe is a little expensive at 3-$9.5. But it solidifies one of the OLB spots.

Don Mulbach: 1 year deal for the long time Long Snapper

Kassim Osgood: Strictly for special teams. I think it's an unwritten rule that Detroit must have one Osgood on one of their teams.

Glover Quin: The surprise move of free agency for me. We desperately needed safeties, going into the offseason we had pretty much no one. Now we have like 6 on the roster. His contract is also cap really friendly the first couple of years. He helps lock down one Safety spot with Louis Delmas and if they stay healthy should help turn a big weakness into a (I won't say strength) very solid DB core.
2013 -- $1 million base ($2.05 million salary cap)
2014 -- $4 million ($5.05 million salary cap)
2015 -- $4 million ($5.05 million salary cap)
2016 -- $4 million; $750,000 roster bonus ($5.8 million salary cap)
2017 -- $4 million; $1 million roster bonus ($6.05 million salary cap)

Willie Young: Was given the 2nd round tender, which cost 500k more than his original round tender (7th round). Should compete for a starting spot playing next to Suh and Fairley. Giving him the 2nd round tender was also smart, people will look at his age and stats and ask why a 27 year old only has 3 sacks, but he was a 24 year old rookie as a 7th round pick. He should be hitting his prime right now and will be given a real chance to be a starter with the departure of Cliff Avril, KVB and also Lawrence Jackson (Who remains unsigned).

The biggest hero in all of this is Ndamukong Suh. I never cared for his off the field stuff and yes some of his off the field distractions upset me. I've loved the way he plays on the field. But I have thought of Suh as a selfish "me" type of player. But he was willing to restructure his contract to help land the big 3 and re-up Chris Houston. His cap number jumps to 20+ million next season, but after this restructure and the way his cap numbers jump, this is the first time I've ever thought that he will actually resign and stay with Detroit when his contract is up.

One more:
While listening to both Reggie Bush's and Glover Quin's intro press conferences. I was shocked. Not that they signed with Detroit, but how quickly they signed and how excited they sounded. Neither of them (or Jason Jones for that matter) visited any other teams and each talked about how this was the team they wanted to play for. Even after last years disappointing 4-12 season, it seems like players are starting to notice the shift in Detroit from being a laughing stock to what possibly could be a team that's in the playoffs for a string of years and possibly has Super Bowl run or 2 in it.

I've been excited for big name free agents before but not like this. Neither of these 2 guys had any connection to the coaching staff (Such as Tulloch, Burleson, and KVB) so it's not the familiarity with the coaches that brought them here, it's the fact that they think Detroit has a serious chance of winning and winning now.

[19:59:55] @ HurpDurpHurray : more jags fans at the draft party than a game lol

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Lions and Free Agency :: Comments


Post on March 17th 2013, 10:50 am  S

Good shit Matthew.

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Post on March 17th 2013, 6:14 pm  MaddMatter

Stephen wrote:Good shit Matthew.

You didn't read it. lol

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Post on March 17th 2013, 11:16 pm  S

MaddMatter wrote:
Stephen wrote:Good shit Matthew.

You didn't read it. lol
I read half of it.

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Post on March 18th 2013, 12:09 am  MASTRxOFxPUPPETZ

now..if the Lions would only make a legit offer to the Jets for Revis thena you guys would have had a successfull free agency period..

lions offer 2013 1st 2014 2nd and Matt Stafford for Revis and Sanchez, you got a deal afro

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Post on March 18th 2013, 4:23 pm  MaddMatter

MASTRxOFxPUPPETZ wrote:now..if the Lions would only make a legit offer to the Jets for Revis thena you guys would have had a successfull free agency period..

lions offer 2013 1st 2014 2nd and Matt Stafford for Revis and Sanchez, you got a deal afro

Ya know, if he was actually under contract for more than a season and his contract wasn't outrageous and you took out Stafford I wouldn't be to upset if that....ya know what, no I would be upset lol

The way our team is built we don't need Revis, we rely more on getting pressure to the QB than having a great shut down secondary (obviously)

and S. Thank you for your 1/2 commitment. lol

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