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NFL Countdown

Playoffs/Divisional RD

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Re: Playoffs/Divisional RD

Post  MASTRxOFxPUPPETZ on January 11th 2015, 6:22 pm

MaddMatter wrote:
MASTRxOFxPUPPETZ wrote:the problem with the Offensive Alignemnt the Patriots started to use was this...Patriots HB runs onto field and doesnt tel the Refs anything, once the Patriots break the huddle and rush to the Line, the HB tells the ref thats hes ineligible and Brady snaps the ball...doesnt give the Ravens any time to adjust and have the right man in the right spot...i agree with Harbs on this one,  the HB should have told the refs he was ineligable when he came on the field, NOT when they break the huddle and line up then snap

My only thing with that is, he doesn't have the play call until after the huddle.

the coach that sends him into the game has the play call already made comes down to the Offense not giving the Defense ample time to get set up in the right place....HB Shane Vereen is eligable on every play, all of a sudden he declares ineligable and TE Hoomanuwa is now eligable then snap the ball? player runs on field needs to declare before going into huddle IMHO



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Re: Playoffs/Divisional RD

Post  EPICxPENGUIN69 on January 11th 2015, 6:27 pm

we can all agree that Belichick is a prick and they do asshole things to try and win games ok.

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Re: Playoffs/Divisional RD

Post  MaddMatter on January 11th 2015, 6:36 pm

Lions players are cold as fuck lmfao

Another very, very RARE instance of the NFL officials missing a call! Keep up the good work NFL Wink

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Re: Playoffs/Divisional RD

Post  BaltRavensFan20 on January 11th 2015, 9:29 pm

Willbacker wrote:
MaddMatter wrote:
Willbacker wrote:

The problem is they  were  not telling the Ravens who was ineligible. The ineligible guy was lining out wide too. What they were doing was  telling the refs and running quick plays which is total bullshit.

I still don't get it.

Shouldn't you know who's eligible and who's not? I kind of see what your saying, they do a quick substitution, say this guy is ineligible, line up real quick and snap it.

If anything, it sounds like another officiating problem, which would shock me, the NFL usually has a great officiating record, so that can't be it.

What normally happens is when an OLineman comes on the ref will announce over his mic that #68 is an eligible receiver. What NE did was in reverse and the refs weren't announcing what the deal was and thats why Harbs had to go out on that field and take that 15 yarder. Belichick again did it with his hoodwinking ways. They're masters at it but I just can't respect it.

Even more reason I hate Belicheat and his cheating team. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying about yesterdays game, but I have NEVER respected Brady or Belicheat. Both I feel are arrogant, cheating people in this league. Theres only three people in this league that I can't wait for them to retire, and they are Brady, Belicheat, and P. Manning. Is it wrong being a Ravens fan and hating the Patriots more than our rival Steelers?

Doesn't matter anymore anyway, over the past few years I've been feeling more and more that the whole NFL is rigged. The league wanted the Patriots to win the whole week before the game, it was pretty obvious.

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Re: Playoffs/Divisional RD

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