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NFL Countdown

Championship Week

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Re: Championship Week

Post  EPICxPENGUIN69 on January 19th 2015, 9:40 pm

MaddMatter wrote:

Miami heat fans do it - "bunch of front running bastards"
Hawks fans do it - "thanks 12, you guys never doubted, best fans in the work"
The Seahawks having the best fan base in the NFL is complete bullshit. All it is is media hype/ media creating a story.
Their stadium is designed to be loud with those fucking roof things that echo the sound and shit.

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Re: Championship Week

Post  Willbacker on January 20th 2015, 9:13 am


that moment you find extra french fries in the bottom of your Mcdonalds bag

lol. 2nd best feeling in the world.

There were 3 plays that costed the Packers imo. 1st the fake FG. How can you sit there and think they're just gonna take the 3, 2nd Morgan Burnett falling to the ground after his pick with like 3 minutes to go in the game. Peppers telling him to go down. Motherfucker go down the field and block. Could have been a TD or field position for a 3. 3rd the botched recovery on the onside kick. Dude was supposed to be blocking ONLY. Jordy was supposed to do the fielding. And of course the last drive all they had to do was stop them and hold them to a FG for another chance. SMH.

Even if there was deflated footballs the Patriots manhandled the Colts on the LOS. Straight up buttwhipping but they better not have did that against the Ravens. I swear I'll never let that go.

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