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Post  HurpDurpHurray on July 24th 2015, 9:37 pm

I wanna talk about Sharknado, specifically Sharknado 3. Is it weird that I think they do a phenomenal job with it? Like I really don't think it was made to be an actually serious film. I think it was made to be literally a parody of itself. A really cliche, stupid, unrealistic action movie. Sharknado 3 is just amazing. The cameos in it a vast and just incredible (Chad Johnson is in it Smile ) and the acting is just totally shit. I mean at one point,
the sharks go into space and David Hasselhoff goes "SHARKS! IN! SPACE!"

Honestly, and I've been preaching this at work to the point where people are pissed at me now, go watch the movies. They're hilarious if you take them the way they're supposed to be. I feel like it's like the Cabin in the Woods movie. Everyone goes in thinking it's a horror, then boom, comedy. It's supposed to be fucking stupid and bad, but I think that's what makes it good.


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