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NFL Countdown

Barbosa's Fucked Up!

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Barbosa's Fucked Up!

Post  HurpDurpHurray on July 4th 2011, 6:46 pm

This guy is the biggest glitch in NBA 2K11 My Player mode. I pray for you if you have him on your team.

He will constantly take shots he shouldn't take. He will constantly drive the ball when he has an open shot for three point land. He will constantly act as if he's Allen Iverson, trying to cross people over.

He is annoying!

You want to ball from him for an open shot? "Fuck you" is what you can see him say to you as he cuts to the rim just so that he can get rejected for the five time trying to make a layup. Defense? Fuck that shit. He's a scorer so don't expect him to play any defense whatsoever.

You know what very high shot tendency means? It means he's going to shoot even if you don't fucking want him to.

So you say you want him to shoot a better percentage? Fuck that! He doesn't care for your realism. He'll shoot .300 from the field and you'll like it!

Oh and you say he shouldn't play SF? No, YOU SHOULDN'T PLAY SF! Jay Triano is gonna put him in at SF and put DeRozen at PF just to piss you off. To make it worse, Barbosa's gonna play some low post offense just because he can.

Here's how a typical play is run. PG passes it to Barbosa. You're done. The play is over. Now all you have to do is pull out a chair and sit and watch what Barbosa has in store for the opponents. Maybe he'll back down and play some more low post offense. Maybe he'll just shoot it with a defender right in his face. Maybe he'll just run around with a ball until the shot clock is down to one. He's fucking Leandro Barbosa, he'll do what he wants.

Oh, you're saying Barbosa has an open look for three? Naa, fuck that shit brah! How about he runs around for a little bit then hits a shot for once? Ya, too bad you don't get the assist. Naa brah, he did that all himself. Fuck your stats and your team rating. He's Barbosa bitch! He doesn't like you so he won't let you do jack shit. And just for the hell of it, he's gonna fuck your girl too just because he can.

So if you got Barbosa on your team, you can do two things. You either pass him the ball or you pass it to your teammate who will pass him the ball. He will get the ball. He will take a shot. Now it's your job to get back on defense because he's carrying the offense in this game and every other game.

/fuck you


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