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The Saboteur

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The Saboteur

Post  RSoxGuy on July 10th 2011, 12:15 pm

Experience the ultimate open-world action/adventure as The Saboteur. Fight, climb, and race your way through a uniquely stylized version of Nazi-occupied France, and hunt down your sworn enemies who have taken everything from you. Enter the seedy underground world of a saboteur living in 1940s Paris, where the women are sexy, the missions are epic, and the revenge is satisfying.
Play as Sean Devlin, a street-tough Irish racing mechanic seeking personal redemption in the first open-world action game set in Nazi-occupied Europe. Now, it's time for payback -- with the help of the French Resistance, British intelligence, an arsenal of weaponry, and your own street smarts and brawn, you must exact revenge on those who aimed to destroy your life. Motivated by retribution and armed with tactics of sabotage, blow up zeppelins, derail trains, implode bridges, destroy armored tanks, and level enemy facilities in the name of vengeance.

So far i have 5 hours into the game I picked up at Gamestop used for $20. Its alot of fun so far.
No online play.
No DLC available.

So far i feel its a cross between GTA (open world, cars are best mode of transport unless there is something I havent unlocked yet), Assassins Creed (able to climb buildings and such for better views and to destroy enemy installations without the silly button side games) and it has a basic but fun perk system that unlocks basic ideas like bigger nade splash radius, bigger mags, armor for cars...

Ill give a better review once I get into the game. So far, not bad at all. Graphics are good and really play into the color world (where "the resistance" is strong) and the transistion into areas of just black and white (were the nazis have a tight grip).

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Re: The Saboteur

Post  Soarindude02 on July 10th 2011, 1:52 pm

It actually looks pretty good on Youtube. Very interesting.


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Re: The Saboteur

Post  RSoxGuy on July 22nd 2011, 6:07 pm

Just beat the game.Not bad at all. Got all teh side missions done along with teh main missions in under 30 hours.

I like it. Its well worth the $20 (used) it costs to own.

Gameplay - 8 - Its pretty good. Controls respond well, different cars handle differently as they should, weapons sound and act well (small jumps from small caliber guns and large kick back from unsilenced/large cal guns) never really experinced any sort of "clunkyness" that i get from games like this (GTA, RDR). Altough somewhat repetative, it stays fresh enough to keep me locked in (something LA Noire did not).

Sound - 8 - Though I ve never heard an air ship (zeplin) its pretty close to what Id imagined it would sound liek LOL. Guns sound right, exlosions are big and loud yet not over the top, NPC's accents and voice overs are all dead on.

Graphics - 8.75 - I enjoyed the graphics. The changes from color (friendly areas) into balck and white areas (Nazi occupied areas) worked flawlessly. At first I really thought it was gonna be a stupid gimmick but it actually works very well and doesnt take away from the details of the area. Skies are well done, vehicles and soldiers uniforms look great. the only bug/flaw I found was when looking thorugh a scoped rifle, i couldnt see as far as I wanted to and when looking to far some objects (usually ones that can be interacted with liek gates, cars or wooden barracades would get "blocky" at far distances).

Entertainment - 8 - Blowing stuff up is alot of fun. Sometimes I catch my self giggling liek a school girl after planting 4 or 5 remote detonators on different objects saying "ohh boy they are gonna be pissed...." and running away from the area only to stop and turn to "flip the switch" and enjoy the mayhem that follows. Sneak kills are limited and wish there was more but they are a nice addition. Driving through teh city with the gustapo chasing you with thier machine guns mounted on thier hoods is a good time too. Over all I enjoyed this game.

Replay Value - 6 - Once you finish the missions, I dont see what would make you go back and start over. Their is only one line of progression to follow. You dont get to make choices, you just follow the plot to the end. Im done with the missions though it still allows me to finish up destroying sniper towers I havent gotten around to and the like (machine gun nests, tank placements, bridges, check points assuming once i get them all i get an achievment), the game is pretty much done. No DLC available for this game.

Over all, with a used price point of $20 (Gamestop), I recommend this game.

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Re: The Saboteur

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