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NFL Countdown

Week 16 Merry Christmas Week

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Week 16 Merry Christmas Week - Page 2 Empty Re: Week 16 Merry Christmas Week

Post  Willbacker on December 30th 2015, 5:57 pm

RSoxGuy wrote:You know after that shit show I had to drop in.

Puppetz has it right. Only confusion was Slater thought he could pick direction.

Bill was technically right. The O sucked. OL was down to last guy on roster while Waddle (Pats 3rd string LG, ya hes new to me too) was on the sideline "hurt" when in reality he didnt want anymore of the Jets DL. Over and over the Jets DL slapped the Pats around. Pancakes galore, OL on their backs, embarrassing. The best team the Pats had was on D. Do I agree? No, I have a battered Tom Brady, Im giving him the ball BBBBUUUUUTTTTTTTTT........ It shouldn't have come to OT any way.

With 2 minutes to go in 4th, Pats score TD with 1:52 left, down by one, on the road. I go for two from the two yd line. Pats couldn't hit long or medium ball all game. Pats are running too many RBs for anyone to get hot or even begin to find a groove. Only thing that was (barely) working was short passing. I go for two from the 2. Game over. THEN Pats stop Jets after kickoff and waste timeouts on punt block formation that they didnt even run anyway. Jets punt is a touchback, Pats with one TO and :25 on the clock, kneel on it and we go to OT and you know the rest.

TL;DR? Pats are down 7 starters and you cant win in the playoffs with a practice squad. Pats aint goin anywhere this yr. Either way, NFC is winning SB this year.

Tell me about it man we put 20 players on IR this year. Just been a crazy year for injuries. Also you know Bill got something up his sleeve. Cant wait to see what it is lol.

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