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NFL Countdown

Who here has played these 4 games?

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Who here has played these 4 games?

Post  BaltRavensFan20 on December 26th 2012, 2:14 pm

AC:3 -is it all its hyped to be?

Far Cry 3 - same as above?

Madden 13 - Is connected careers really that bad?

Forza Horizon - Haven't really heard that much about it...

Best Buy is having a sale on them, which is why I'm wondering. I'm probably going to get Far Cry 3, so that leaves one more I want to get....

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Re: Who here has played these 4 games?

Post  HurpDurpHurray on December 26th 2012, 3:28 pm

AC3: Sweet

Farcry 3: Have no idea but it looks cool

Madden 13: I got frustrated with it and bored so I haven't played it in a while

Forza Horizon: Looks like the direction Need for Speed went in which is the "fuck you, I'm not making a long story mode, go play with your friends online you stupid fuck" direction


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Re: Who here has played these 4 games?

Post  S on December 26th 2012, 4:06 pm

AC3 - Amazing

Madden - I like it, and I like connected careers. I've been playing the CCM online a lot lately with my brother. Seems more fun online if you have dedicated people.

Other 2 I havent played but I heard far cry 3 is amazing.

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Re: Who here has played these 4 games?

Post  Thadden on December 29th 2012, 6:32 pm

AC3: Good but kind of deceiving. Story mode not as long as I thought it would be. Its weird but theres not really an emphasis on the side missions and theres little if any incentive to even doing these. I enjoyed it alot but it eventually became very repetitive. Im not complaining though, got it from piratebay...

Far Cry 3: Amazing. The game itself is massive and there always seems to be stuff to do. Im still pretty early in the game but its very enjoyable and the game structure puts an emphasis on hunting and doing side missions which help you as you continue the story.

Madden 13: Best game in years but it frustrates me personally. All-pro is too easy and all-madden is frustrating. My all-madden sliders are great with a few small exceptions. A major problem is the frequency of fumbles. While playing 5 seasons (full seasons, playing every game) with the bills, my 2 running backs Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller both fumbled 12 times each while splitting reps. In one season with the eagles, I've played 5 games and McCoy has already fumbled 8 times. He also has 99 carrying but still has those issues. I lowered the broken tackles User sliders by 15 and increased carrying to 50 and now I dont have any fumbling problems but somehow I now average 190 + yards a game..

Its weird that I do better now that my running backs cant break any tackles.

What the fuck is the fourth game?


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Re: Who here has played these 4 games?

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