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NFL Countdown

Week 9

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Week 9

Post  Willbacker on November 3rd 2014, 8:27 am

No thread for this yet.

1st to worst. Woohoo. We got our work cut out for us. We're gonna have to get by Tennessee and limp our asses to the bye week lick our wounds and come back out on fire.

Next Thurs Browns/Bengals and Cincy and Pitts still have to play each other twice. Beat the fuck out of each other. Somehow its gonna come to the final week.

Oh yeah. Sanchez>Vick/Geno. Chew on that.

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Re: Week 9

Post  Willbacker on November 4th 2014, 5:17 pm

Slow week this week I guess and it sure has been a lazy time for the Giants who are coming off a two week bye.

In the annual legends game that seems to happen everytime the Ravens play in Pittsburgh lately Mean Joe was able to transport his mid 70's self into James Harrisons body to create steel curtain havoc. On a sidenote T Sizzle says he's very interested in playing dueling banjos against any Steeler that has the balls to try to outplay him.

Alex Smith says he's gonna start a chain called Dink and Dunk Doughnuts. Just don't dunkem deep. Just a smidge.

Legendary taco slinger Mark Sanchez came in to save the day for big the Eagles that is.

In a seedy pool hall the Bengals showed the Jags that stripes is better than solids. We got big balls. We got big balls.

The Raiders are angling for that #1 draft pick just so they can trade it away. Seahawks looking very vulnerable imo.

Demarco Murray could not get his 100yds mainly due to the fact that Weedon was more rough in handing off the ball. "Tony has such soft hands and just knows how to tuck a ball into a man's sweet spot" says Murray after the game.

When the Redskins busses crashed into each other before the game a jubilant RG3 jumped out a window and ran around like a lunatic yelling "I'm OK fellas. I'm OK".

The Chargers swooped down into Miami and fired off a meanass electic bolt but little did they know the brainiac Dolphins had little mirrers they used to reverse zap the deadly bolt. Shutout.

Never knew the backup QB for the 49ers was named Alex until I heard fans chanting for him to come into the game.

The Browniedawgs decided to do a little sightseeing down in Tampa aboard the Buccaneer ship where they promptly viewed the scene and decided to spray a little a treasure of their own in the form of "yellowgold".

"Don't be coming round here with that butter knife arm you goofy looking Tennessee hick. You gotta have a finely tuned ginsulike steak knife arm like mine to cut thru these New Englands winds. Bitch." Wonder who said that?


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Re: Week 9

Post  MASTRxOFxPUPPETZ on November 4th 2014, 9:58 pm

lol, love it man!!!



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Re: Week 9

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