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High School Football Game

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High School Football Game

Post  Soarindude02 on July 18th 2011, 2:51 am

This is a game, I've been waiting a while too have. Something that has yet too be made, that would probably sell like hot cakes in certain areas of America. A HIGH-SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME.

Many ask, How would it be done? The Amount of teams are somewhere in the Thousands probably! Who would buy this game! How could it be done! Why would you want this game!? Well, let me explain.
First of all, the key word is Customization. Customization is key in this game. Using a program like Teambuilder would be needed, and Teambuilder would need some work done. Go on some of the Forums, and pretty much add everything the majority of people want.

What you would do is basically create what you would want to happen, and let everything play out from there. If you are lazy and don't want to Create your Own Teams, downloading Teams would be a possibility. The ability to Download hundreds of Teams with no extra Cost would be there, and a much faster and easier way to download would also have to be implanted. Maybe you could download a "package" of teams. Some guy creates 20 High school Teams, put's them into a package, and you can easily download it and place it into the game. There would also Generic Simulated teams in place if need be. A simplistic Create-A-Team for Offline users would be possible as well.
What kind of Game modes would be offered into this game? Simple. A very Dynamic Dynasty type game. Similar to that of Madden Franchise mode, NCAA Dynasty mode, etc. Maybe a Road To Glory Mode could also be added as well. I am not sure how in depth you could make that though. Play Now and maybe a "Be A Ref" mode would be added too. The Be A Ref Mode would be single games only.
High school Dynasty would have to be done up well, or it would be pretty awful. You need to add LOTS and LOTS of in depth features. But that shouldn't be too hard. You pretty much make your coach, design him, pick a playbook, personality and BAM, put yourself onto the Coaching market in Said State. You get offers from Lower Level High schools that need a coach. You're on your way to building a Star High School. At first your High school is going to be Lousy, Cheap, Poor, etc. Your Stadium is going to be pretty much a Shit Hole though to start off with. Fans? What Fans. You got's no Fans. Very little Support, Very little Talent, etc. It's your time, to build that up.

Summer Workouts, 7-7 Scrimmages Practice Battles, Weight Training, and more are all added at your disposal. These above are very important, for you to build a strong Team. Support wise, this is where things get interesting. As you start winning games, people might decide to start watching your game. Of course, that brings money into the picture. You have decided that Hey, You need some more renovations to your "Sandlot". This is where the "board" comes in. The Board of Insert High school name here is who is going to be providing you the money, or not the money, to make these moves. Thinking about adding more Bleachers, gotta talk to the Board. Want a new Scoreboard, Gotta talk to the Board. Want more Durable Uniforms and Helmets, Talk to the Board! The Board will make decisions of many different things. A. Your interactions with the players. B. How your team is doing. C. Attendance, Money, and fan support. Interactions with players is how you coach and deal with players. Your star QB just got into a fight with one of your Star Linebackers, what do you do? Suspend them and risk playing well, or other players speak out about the lack of discipline, and the board here about it. Sometimes it will go your way, sometimes it wont. You just overheard your Speedster Wide Receiver talk about Smoking some Dope after the game, do you A. Confront him, B. Ignore it or C. Ask to join? All of these can boost/Hurt certain aspects of your coaching career. It's your job to figure out, what will benefit you.
Here are a couple problems that we would face in making this so called game.
1. Who would buy it? A lot of Areas of the US are big on Highschool Football. You would expect people to buy the game there. What about other areas of the Country? Doubt it. You would have to somehow link this game into NCAA. I started buying NCAA back in the day, just so I could get that nice Inporting feature. Then I became an NCAA Lover. Importing Highschool Rosters into NCAA would attract the NCAA crowd. But I would rather NOT see EA make this game. If they did though, well, it might fall apart. You would also need to NOT by any means, treat this as the Ugly Ginger of the "gaming" family. It might be better just to not let EA get there hands on this game. It might be better if a team like 2k gets into it because A. They don't have a Football game. So 2k Football Fans would be Focused on making this into a popular game.

2. Recruiting. Hey, there is very little Recruiting done in High School Football. But what would be the fun of getting a bunch of Random Freshman that may or may not fit your offense. I guess it could be fun, but all in all, a recruiting system would have to be added. Maybe a way to look at Pee-Wee Football, and be able to Contact the Parents about your school. It would be a little unrealistic but HEY, I'd go for it.

3. Divisional, Conference, Leagues, UGH!: The confusion in this would blow everybody up. Right now, I don't have an exact answer to how this would be set up. Of course with all 50 states being active in this game, we might need to cut A lot of the Minor teams down. I am thinking maybe just doing 1-5 Conferences per State. 1 Conference for a State like Rhode Island, 5 Conferences for a State like Texas. You would have somewhere like 16 teams in each conference, and they would rotate with Promotion and Regulation. Top team in Con.5 plays worst team in Con. 4. They square off, winner gets to either move up, or stay in that Conference. That way, it wont have to be too in depth. Losing Realism but hey, I'd go for it.

4. Country Tournament. I think maybe every 3-4 years, a United Tournament could be held, to see, who is the BEST team in the country. You take the top 2 teams from Each Top Conference, put them into the tourny, and see what happens. Top team wins Big Big Money. Let's say you are a school that is solid on the Football field, but cannot find any support by the stupid Board. You win this Tournament and now you can use that money you build your stadium.


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