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Dafuq Happened To Battlefield?

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Dafuq Happened To Battlefield?

Post  HurpDurpHurray on April 12th 2012, 9:07 pm

I would fully love to enjoy this patch but for god sakes, these fucking rent a servers are BULLSHIT! You can't just join a quick game anymore because it turns to crap. Unbalanced fucking games with all the admins on the other team. And I can't find the fucking option to select only Official EA Servers. Seriously, I joined a fucking game on Conquest and each team had 600 tickets! NEVER ENDING FUCKING GAME OF CONQUEST! FUCK THIS! FIX THIS SHIT! FUCK!


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Re: Dafuq Happened To Battlefield?

Post  MaddMatter on April 13th 2012, 5:28 pm

I only play when my boys are on, so I usually just join their squad and shit. So I don't know much about the quick joins and shit.

But this 600 ticket and shit is pretty fun. You get a lot of fucking points. Hell I got 25 fucking revives in one game. TWENTY FIVE!

But yeah, I can see how it can be annoying, games last like 40 minutes now.

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